NWSPNCCOPE Preparedness will participate with the Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council (NWSPNC) at their Emergency Preparedness Awareness event on May 20th.

No one likes to think about emergencies and disasters, but wind storms can knock out power, or an earthquake can damage streets and water systems. What if you couldn’t just turn on the water faucet for fresh water, or the grocery store couldn’t be resupplied? “We don’t know when it will happen so why bother,” is not a strategy. After something happens is not the time to think about it.

Come to the FREE San Pedro Preparedness Awareness Presentation and learn what you need to know to be prepared.

It’s not difficult to prepare. Learn simple skills that can help you save yourself and your family; build peace of mind by preparing now. Bring your family, group of friends and your neighbors; you can help each other, so learn together. We prepare for many things in life, and emergencies should be one of them.

Emergency Preparedness Awareness Presentation

Wednesday, May 20th

6:00 PM

Peck Park Community Center

560 N. Western Avenue

San Pedro, CA 90732

The Los Angeles Fire Department will give a presentation that will help you prepare for different kinds of disasters. Disaster preparedness not only consists of having a survival kit in your home, place of business, and your car, but it is also knowledge that can travel with you wherever you go.

Representatives from COPE Preparedness (Community Outreach Promoting Emergency Preparedness) will also give a short presentation on the 12 most important considerations for making sure you are sufficiently prepared for emergencies and disasters.


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The Emergency Preparedness Awareness Presentation is a project of the Northwest San Pedro Neighborhood Council with the support of LAPD and LAFD.

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