fire dronesResidents are urged to take the following wildfire preparedness steps:

Clear vegetation from your property; 30 to 100 feet from your home, 10 feet along your driveway and 10 feet from property lines
Clean debris from rain gutters, eves and roof lines.
Know multiple ways from your home and neighborhood to the major roadways in town.
Have an evacuation plan that includes a “Go Bag” and other evacuation materials.
Know your neighbors and develop a plan to assist them if needed.
Evacuate when authorities advise.
Have five days worth of supplies on hand, including food, water and medications.
If you see an unsafe act like fireworks, say something. Call 911 to report any fireworks activity or unsafe acts.
Get informed and get involved with public education classes such as Community Emergency Response Team training.  They promote Community Emergency Response Training and work to help educate residents on ways to be self-sufficient during a disaster, he said.

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