We are a 501 (c) non-profit organization:  "Promoting Emergency Preparedness through Proactive Community Outreach and Education"  
COPE Educates
COPE provides preparedness training programs and community forums.
COPE Collaborates
We are comprised of dedicated professionals, community leaders, and engaged citizens.

Mission, Goals and Objectives

The mission of Community Outreach Promoting Emergency Preparedness, COPE Preparedness is:
“Promoting Emergency Preparedness through Proactive Community Outreach and Education”

COPE Preparedness Goals are to:

  • Research what is being done to protect the community and ensure that community stakeholders are informed, educated, and ready to survive emergencies and/or disasters;
  • Reinforce all existing public emergency management programs provided by City, County, State and Federal governmental bodies;
  • Engage participation towards the fulfillment of our mission with industry professionals, community leaders and concerned citizens;
  • Develop and maintain a community model of preparedness that can be utilized and duplicated in other communities;
  • Utilize the non-profit structure to bring resources to community preparedness programs and initiatives;
  • Create and maintain a sense of urgency that emergency preparedness is of vital importance to community households, businesses and individuals; and
  • Reinforce the importance of “individual responsibility” promoting the concept that each person or entity has a role in preparedness;

COPE Preparedness Objectives are to:

  • Offer content driven multi-page web site at www.COPE-Preparedness.org .   The COPE Preparedness web site   provides updated emergency management and preparedness information.  Postings are made by vetted industry professionals, COPE Preparedness Board Members and committee members.   The COPE Web site is collaborative in nature and supportive of preparedness programs and partners. The site includes community awareness and disaster preparedness information and  links to important industry sites and government and community resources.
  • COPE Preparedness Newsletters are sent monthly to our  distribution lists. They provide  local, national and international emergency management/preparedness information that keep our followers up to date on pertinent issues. Our E-Newsletter Archive has monthly editions published since 2009.
  • Maintain an ONLINE LIBRARY of resources.  The COPE Preparedness website contains over 400 articles on topics related to emergency preparedness and management providing a unique and valuable resource for industry professionals and community members alike.
  • Community Preparedness Training Programs are provided to the community.  COPE Preparedness  provides the Map Your Neighborhood (MYN) program to train households in a 9-step “block by block” preparedness program.
  • Outreach to all community stakeholders including low-income and Hispanic populations through bi-lingual products/publications/presentations including materials translated into Spanish for the Map Your Neighborhood program.
  • Represent the community via participation in first responder, elected official and community based emergency planning meetings, forums and events.

COPE Preparedness has a positive history of commitment.  Our accomplishments, leadership and motivation have been established.   COPE Preparedness will continue to act today to save lives tomorrow.

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